“The Liberty Intrigue” Storms into Top Online Book Sales Lists

“The Liberty Intrigue” Storms into Top Online Book Sales Lists

Call to the Rush Limbaugh Show, Exchange with Host
Leads to On-Air Purchase and Outpouring of Sales

In the midst of “ad-gate,” conservative talk show pioneer Rush Limbaugh showed would-be advertisers that his legions of fans are loyal and responsive to him, despite recent public criticism in the mainstream media.

Author Tom Grace’s call to Limbaugh’s top-rated show to talk about the notion and pros and cons of a brokered GOP convention, a scenario in Grace’s sixth novel, The Liberty Intrigue, lead to a discussion of the book, the host purchasing an e-version live on air, and Limbaugh declaring Grace a one-time advertiser.

RUSH: I certainly will try. You’ve just become a new advertiser, by the way, here on the EIB Network.

CALLER: I am proud new advertiser, I guess.

RUSH: One-time advertiser, but good luck with the book…I’m sure it’ll do well now. Nobody who’s advertising on this program ever does anything but wildly succeed.

And do well it did. In a span of about 5 hours, the novel broke the top 50 in Books on Amazon.com, landing it at #2 on its Movers and Shakers with a 644,000% increase in sales. It also landed both the paperback version and the Kindle version in the site’s top 5 political fiction novels at 2 and 5, respectively. In iTunes, the book landed as the number 3 most downloaded book, while it cracked the top 30 at Barnes and Noble.

Said Grace, “I think the spike shows two things. One: publishers who shun conservative works of fiction do so at their own financial detriment, because there is a large, loyal, mobile audience for the genre out there. And, two: no matter how many advertisers pull
out of Limbaugh’s show, the man is simply a force who can move product, especially when motivated.”

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