Undeniable: Praise



“In Grace’s fast-paced sixth thriller featuring former Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny (after 2007’s The Secret Cardinal), Nolan is about to donate a piece of his liver to Zeke Oakley, a two-year-old adopted boy whose biological parentage is unknown, when a doctor informs him that genetic testing shows that Nolan’s father, Sean Kilkenny, the newly appointed U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, is also Zeke’s father. After Sean denies this, Nolan sets out to discover how Sean might have fathered Zeke in some way outside the usual. Nolan and his sidekick, CIA officer Roxanne Tao, get caught up in a high-level paternity scam that’s eventually tied to a series of child abductions.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Grace knows how to write about the cutting edge of technology well, and Kilkenny is a perfect hero to uncover whether the machinery is being used for good or evil. If Grace is right, the world of genetics has just gotten a whole lot scarier.”

—Jeff Ayers, Suspense Magazine