The Liberty Intrigue: Praise

The Liberty Intrigue


“I’ve read [The Liberty Intrigue]…and it was great.”

Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio Legend and #1 NY Times bestselling author


“The Liberty Intrigue is wildly entertaining and thoroughly edifying. Tom Grace spins a dazzling thriller that races across the dangerous terrain of a US presidential election with style and aplomb. A celebration of American exceptionalism found only in the power of the individual-a yarn you can’t put down. Simply awesome.”

—David Limbaugh, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Crimes Against Liberty


“Fresh, intelligent, and emotional, The Liberty Intrigue is a gem of a read. Tom Grace explores his brilliantly conceived political landscape with wit and intelligence. All of the right elements combine for an evocative tale that will leave you panting for more.”

—Steve Berry, #1 NY Times bestselling author of The Jefferson Key


“…[Tom Grace] serves up a fiercely entertaining political thriller…he has crafted a compelling, fast-paced, wide-ranging political thriller with gripping twists and turns, high-tech schemes, dastardly corruption, and murder.”

—Mike Brownfield, The Heritage Foundry


“The Liberty Intrigue contains so many thrills and so much fun…”

—John Gizzi, Human Events