Spyder Web: Synopsis

Spyder Web


Information: the most valuable commodity on Earth. International industrial espionage: the single greatest threat to a nation’s economic security. The CIA’s response: an ambitious, top-secret project that will unleash the greatest surveillance weapon ever created—Code Name: Spyder.

Nolan Kilkenny has barely settled into a quiet life in Ann Arbor as a doctoral student developing of a revolutionary light-based computer processor when an apparently harmless technical problem reveals a serious security breach in his university’s heavily guarded computer network. The glitch leads the former Navy SEAL to the FBI, CIA and British MI6, and launches an international hunt for those responsible for the theft of vital technological and financial secrets. Nolan’s quest also places him in the crosshairs of a ruthless trio of information-age pirates.

A cunning theft and brutal murder unleash a stolen Spyder and it is up to Nolan to stop its mercenary masters from destroying corporations and countries as secrets are sold to the highest bidder. It’s a race against time in an adventure that spans the globe—from Hong Kong and the United States to the Caribbean and Great Britain. It’s a lethal game with players who will stop at nothing to possess the unholy grail of the computer age: a spy that can spy on us all.