Dark Ice: Praise

Dark Ice


“I devoured [Grace’s] books during a rainy weekend off and became so hooked…an enormous amount of fun.”

The Detroit Free Press

“Nolan Kilkenny crackles with intellectual and physical skills and takes the reader on a fast-paced journey…the proverbial page-turner, a great read for that long flight or those sun-filled hours on the beach.”

The Polar Times

“Twisted Web displays Grace’s mastery of action and technology…If you like techno-thrillers that move at break-neck speed…no one concocts them better than Tom Grace.”

Michigan Today

 “[An] action-packed adventure…[A] rock-‘em sock-‘em tale.”

The Livonia Observer (MI)

“[Grace’s] skill as a story teller shines through as per usual…Polar Quest [UK edition of Twisted Web] is fast paced action and adventure… a well-balanced story and didn’t hold any punches.”

Writing by Candlelight (UK)