Quantum: Synopsis



In 1948, a young German émigré reaches the threshold of a scientific vision: a theory of everything—the very blueprints for the construction of the universe that could surpass the theories of Einstein. But his hopeful dreams of a future in America collide with the nightmares of his past, and both the theorist and his work are seemingly lost forever.

Nolan Kilkenny left the clandestine world of the elite special forces to shepherd promising new ideas from academic research labs onto the world market as a high-tech venture capitalist. His latest project, from a pair of experimental physicists, harnesses an astonishing new source of energy unforeseen by present-day physics. The invention—a quantum power cell—is still in the experimental stage, but it possesses the potential to radically the world economy by making traditional modes of power generation and transportation obsolete.

Russian billionaire Victor Orlov recognizes both the threat this discovery poses to his economic empire, and the promise it has to far surpass his wildest dreams of wealth and power. To win, he must lay claim to the idea first and immediately launches a rival quantum project. In what could be the greatest theft of all time, Orlov organizes mercenaries, spies and the Russian Mafiya to seize the secrets he needs and eliminate the competition.

When the battle for quantum technology explodes, Nolan Kilkenny finds himself at ground zero. To stop the fate of the world from being hijacked, he must fight a war across two hemispheres as he races to solve a decades-old mystery—if the solution doesn’t kill him first.